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namjoon’s dance skills.

the moment suga’s image went downhill.

the moment suga’s image went downhill.

Artist: a guide by kim taehyung
Track: "how to pick up girls"
taehyung: hello, what’s poppin?
nate: what’s poppin
taehyung: my name is v, your name is?
nate: natalie
taehyung: oh, nice watch! how much?
nate: how much is my wa- uhh i don’t know it was a gift
taehyung: wow, give me your time please
nate: like what time is it?
taehyung: no, your time
nate: oh you want my watch
taehyung: no, your time
nate: my number?
taehyung: yeah! ah no no no no

Who let this kid rap again…trans

sneaky taekook and their ice cream

kookie’s little song to jiminie hyung. trans

Hoseok forever proud of his leader

When the golden maknae has to shoot a scene with a girl.

there are two types of people

I’d walk into the room and Suga’s massaging V’s neck or Jimin’s giving Jungkook an intimate back massage and I just look at the other staff like “What’s going on?” [laughs]
—Tony Jones; moonROK interview (via bt-es)